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Mo plate


Molybdenum plate


Molybdenum foil/sheet/plate
Material Specification(T×B×L)
Thickness:0.3mm-20mm  Width:20mm-600mm
Length: ≤2000mm Purity: ≥99.95% Density:≥9.6g/cm2



Industrial and agricultural areas, such as rubber, plastic, paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, feed, food, sugar, textiles, glass, ceramics, sanitary supplies, sealed agents, adhesives, pesticides and pesticide carrier and flue desulphurization, water treatment, environmental protection. Light use and molybdenum plate molybdenum sheet overlap there are also different, mainly for paper, plastics, synthetic rubber, food, food pigment, medicine, and hygiene products adhesive areas

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