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Our Inventory:

We are continually restocking our inventory to better help our customers manage their purchasing needs. We stock sheet, plate, block, bar, tubing, pipe and fasteners. Let us stock your required items, just tell us what you need. We offer Metals, Turnings, Titanium alloys, Titanium bars, specialty metals, grade 1 titanium, grade 2 titanium, , and more!

Titanium Current stock:

Grade 1 & Grade 2 plate: Grade 1 & Grade 2 wire:
1.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs Dia0.8Xl   500kgs
1.5x1000x2000mm   5000kgs Dia1.5xL   500kgs
2.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs Dia2xL  500kgs
3.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs Dia3XL  500kgs
4.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs  
5.0x1000x2000mm 5000kgs Nickel Current stock:
6.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs N6 wire
8.0x1000x2000mm  5000kgs Dia2.5 xL   500kgs
10x1000x2000mm  5000kgs Dia3.0 xL   500kgs
12x1000x2000mm  5000kgs  
14x1000x2000mm  5000kgs  
16x1000x2000mm 5000kgs  


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